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Cresco Tours™ officially launched in 2008. Taken from Latin, Cresco means to grow and expand. The colours of the logo represent the beauty and richness of South Africa, while the C is for the waxing moon, and the O is for the full moon, symbolising everything growing and coming together.

Cresco Tours ™ is an award winning boutique tour operator, offering a wide range of tour packages, from day tours to customised tour packages, be they guided or self-drive, to suit any number of varied interests for both local and international tourists, who are visiting either on business or pleasure, and in the comfort of a small personalised group.

Our philosophy is to provide a personalised service that delivers value to the customer.

Our mission is to strive to provide innovative service, create new unique packages, as well as provide value service to the local and international community. To this end we shall present South Africa, Southern and East Africa as an authentic, representative and integrated destination.

Cresco Tours ™ offers professional, efficient, convenient and delightful service delivery. We are committed to customer satisfaction, operational efficiency and flexibility.

Our core values are:

We have proudly received the following awards:

Cresco Tours ™ is affiliated to: Sandton Tourism and Business Engage.

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